Wolf of wall street

Money money money…. that’s all I want. the pursuit of happiness the foundation of lies. Yes we have all seen it. A poor man struggling for a place in this world.


Do what you love… huh what does that mean. Do what you passion it about…huh what does that mean. The road to success is not determined by the amount of money you have but is determined by the type of life you lead. Having all the money in the world makes me happy…. Really fake friends, having everything you want, no dreams cause it can all be bought. so what’s next??????

ahhhhh but what about the rich people they look happy. happy because they rich or because the people idol their wealth?


this is silly. what are we talking about….

Happiness… Now that’s interesting. Do what you love… Do what you passionate about… Starting to make sense. hears the punch line…

What makes you happy is your passion. Dreams and desires of a happy life, is your pursuit. Happiness lies within… and when you find what makes you happy within… is your life journey to success.




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