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The War on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK


In 2013, Graham Hancock gave a stellar talk for TED that goes into great detail psychedelics and the war on consciousness. TED explained in a blog that there were factual problems with the talk, which is why they removed it. Hancock, and his partner Rupert Sheldrake, assert that they were bullied into removing the talk due to “militant atheist bloggers” and that the biggest reason anyone took issue with it was because the talk challenges our materialistic belief system.
So have a look. The video is worth the 18 minute watch. We’d like to hear what you have to say. Is it factually inaccurate, or is this the truth being censored?

Jim Morris Vegan Bodybuilder


A competitive bodybuilder for 30 years, Jim Morris became vegan just twelve years ago. When he turned 50, he transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle, then became vegan at 65. It’s a pretty common misconception that you can’t be healthy as a vegan, let alone a bodybuilder, but did you know that  a plant based diet can help prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths.


Do Psychedelic Drugs Hold Key To Medicinal Cures?


Since the discovery of LSD in 1940, there has been intense interest in pursuing psychedelic drugs as remedies for physical and psychological conditions. It has been a challenge for anyone to obtain the rights to use psychedelics, entirely illegal drugs, for medical study. In the few cases where scientists have been successful in obtaining the go-ahead to study, there is some promise.

For example, Ketamine, a painkiller that can be abused in order to hallucinate, has been shown to alleviate chronic depression in up to 45% of patients. It’s less restricted than other drugs, which means we may see it enter clinical practice first.

LSD-assisted therapy has for more than four decades now been shown to alleviate anxiety in terminally ill patients and can also be a treatment for alcoholism. Psilocybin and MDMA are similar in that they can relieve anxiety and also treat some of the symptoms of OCD and PTSD. PTSD is a particularly important area of research due to the number of soldiers inflicted with the disorder from their service during the wars in the middle east.

There’s a lot of potential in this line of research, and many believe that it’s time we open up these Schedule I drugs and allow a more thorough study of them.

The DEA and USDA maintain that there isn’t enough research present today to justify a recategorization of these drugs. This stance of course limits the ability for scientists to do more research on the drugs. Clearly there is a good reason for the government to keep up their war on drugs at the expense of medical breakthroughs.
Read more at : http://higherperspective.com/2014/08/psychedelic-medicinal-cures.html


“I think therefore I’m not, Only when the mind is silent. I am. “

Bullies… Poor little me, calling me stupid, nothing, fucked up, ugly, retard, bastard and the list goes on and on. I can probably mention the ugly words mention to me to fill a book… Negativity persist in this world we live in and it all ways will. It is up to us to choose weather to listen to it or not. To drift into the dark or become the light.


Man times are tough though, jobs are getting less, stress is getting more and life is generally tough, who’s to say life should be easy???

It gets to a point where we cant take it no more. It changes who we are, like cancer it starts out small and grows into something uncontrollable, it doesn’t stop and eventually kills you, kills the loving, kind being that you were meant to be. Ending up with a day to day job you hate, a family that is about to fall apart. and you so unhappy you do not know what went wrong. But because this cancer, its called the ego, will never let you go.. we go through live unsure and unaware of your self you left behind.


To all reading something like this. One or three things can happen. One dismiss it, Two get angry about it or Three, potentially realise who they as loving kind souls to all.

But what am I talking about, surly this is all bullshit. Well maybe it is or maybe its not. All I know, the way in which we act. Hate, fear or violence is all but a manifestation about the way you feel about yourself. When you driving, beware of how you driving and the state of which others drive. We can observe verity of emotions, can you identify them? Can you pick up other peoples energy of love or fear?


We are not, what others think of us. nor we are what we think we are…We are no better or less than anybody else. We are loving spirits of spiritual bliss. For there is enough love for everybody’s needs, but not for everybody’s greed.

Look deep inside yourself, follow your heart desires, be happy, we are not victims, unless we choose to be

Namaste, peace be with you

No worries, Be happy

Bang… and here we go. Focused the goal is ahead… smooth sailing ahead… But this is no ordinary race, this is the race of success…


Sounds abit cheesy, race of success. But that’s how I see it. We all want to be successful in life. Some define it by the about of money they have, others define it by the happiness of there family. For me my success is the ability to live out my dream.

Living in a 3rd world country, it is harder to live out dreams, constant worry of money and little opportunity to grow. But for some, we use it as a excuse not to achieve our dreams, our passion in life that was truly meant for us. The welfare and the threat to our family is greater when security is non existent, corruption is great and crime is high.


We forget who we are, fighting, hating and blaming… I think most people forgot that, we need to show instead of tell, believe instead of preach. I came to realise that we cannot tell someone how to achieve there potential but rather to show and explain that fear is just but a illusion to the mind. Of cause with crime and corruption so high, how is this possible? I think with strong will power and understand the blanket pulled over of eyes that the universe and our abilities are infinite .

So that’s exactly what I’m doing, talking the chance, the road is tough but the motivation is pure and clear… un-judged and unbounded.


Please tune-in and be free. http://www.thatweare… is talking flight, join us as we take on the world

Peace be with you all

Aphex Twin Is Dropping Clues On the Deep Web About His New Album, Syro


Aphex Twin is back. And in typical Richard D. James fashion, he’s leaving a mysterious trail of hacker-style breadcrumbs with clues about his next studio album—the first since Drukqs was released in 2001. This morning, he unleashed his first tweet in two years:


That .onion URL, only accessible on the deep web network TOR, leads to a website (mirrored here) where the skeleton of a tracklist is listed, followed by web analytics. Buried in the source code is repeated mentions of the word “Syro”—the supposed name of James’ upcoming album.

Reminder of his best…